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CERTIFICATION / Certification procedure

Nordic Poly Mark

 The INSTA-CERT certification scheme, with the quality mark Nordic Poly Mark, safeguards the traditions and wishes of the end-users regarding a high-quality level and a long service lifetime for pipe and pipe systems in the Nordic countries. The certification scheme was established in 2004 by certification bodies (INSTA-CERT), test institutes, end-users and manufacturers in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Important elements of the certification scheme:

    • Third party control
    • Rules for internal control
    • Rules for corrective actions 

Product, marked with Nordic Poly Mark or with a documented quality from producers with a control system at the same level, is commonly used as requirement in local norms, guidelines and in tender documents.


The product standards describe tests and requirements that the products must fulfil.

The Rules for Certification, the INSTA-CERT SBCs, determine also the control schemes and if relevant, choice of classes and requirements in the product standard, and additional tests with requirements.

 The general provisions for certification are found in the document General Rules for Certification, INSTA-CERT Rules of Certification (GRC) and more can be found at www.insta-cert.net.

The certification process

The certificates covers only one manufacturer and products from one production site.

All manufacturers are obliged to follow the steps described below to get and maintain the certificates on their products.


Procedures for corrective actions are compulsory and certificates may be withdrawn if requirements in SBCs are not fulfilled. The test scheme is described in detail in the INSTA-CERT SBC in question.  

Certification process     

Type Testing and Initial Inspection are the start of the certification process.

Type testing (TT) is performed by an accredited test laboratory.

The initial inspection shall be performed by an approved and accredited inspection body.

The scope is extensive regarding the test program for achieving a certificate.

Batch Release Test (BRT) is performed by the manufacturer at the start-up and during a production run. For example, measurements, colour, marking and other short-term tests to ensure correct process parameters and material quality.

Process Verification Test (PVT)is performed by the manufacturer according to the defined sampling frequency on samples from the whole product range. These tests are more time consuming and more complex, for example 1000 hours testing of material and product quality, tightness tests and ring stiffness test.

Inspection and audit test (AT)

Audit inspection shall be performed twice per year by an approved inspection body. The audit inspection includes review of the manufacturers BRTs and PVTs, checking of the testing equipment, calibration, random surveillance of quality system routines. The Inspector also collect and sign samples that subsequently shall be sent to the test institute for audit testing.

Audit testing is performed by an approved testing institute.

Assessment of reports

The certification officer reviews the inspection reports and the audit test reports. If a deviation is recorded, the officer assesses the severity. The certification officer takes action by asking the manufacturer for corrective actions. If the test results are non-conforming, the production batch may be isolated, corrective actions must be taken and a re-test must be performed.

Depending on the severity of the deviation, temporary revocation of a specific product from the certificate or a revocation of the entire certificate may be an option. In severe cases, the certificate may be permanently revoked.

 During the next ordinary inspection, the inspector will check that the corrective actions are implemented. In some cases, an additional inspection may be required. 

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