INSTA-CERT 15 Year INSTA-CERT group was established in 2004, starting the Nordic product certification. Nordic certification bodies from Danmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are paticipating in this cooperation.


INSTA-CERT SBC ISO 17885 A new SBC has been issued - Mechanical fittings for pressure piping systems.


INSTA CERT SBC EN 1852-1 and INSTA CERT SBC EN 13598-2 are updated The SBCs are updated due to new versions of the standards. Some minor changes in testing are also introduced, see the Foreword in each SBC.


INSTA-CERT SBC EN 14758-1 it has been published a new version of certification rules for mineral modified PP drainage and sewerage pipes;SBC14758. Document has been issued like the version which was on hearing except uppdated contactinformation to the finnish testhouse.


INSTA-CERT SBC EN1329 and SBC EN1401 are uppdated some misprints corrected in these documents which You can find under the title Documents/ Plastic pipes/ PVC pipes
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