INSTA-CERT 15 Year INSTA-CERT group was established in 2004, starting the Nordic product certification. Nordic certification bodies from Danmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are paticipating in this cooperation.


INSTA-CERT SBC ISO 17885 A new SBC has been issued - Mechanical fittings for pressure piping systems.


INSTA CERT SBC EN 1852-1 and INSTA CERT SBC EN 13598-2 are updated The SBCs are updated due to new versions of the standards. Some minor changes in testing are also introduced, see the Foreword in each SBC.


INSTA-CERT SBC EN 14758-1 it has been published a new version of certification rules for mineral modified PP drainage and sewerage pipes;SBC14758. Document has been issued like the version which was on hearing except uppdated contactinformation to the finnish testhouse.


INSTA-CERT SBC EN1329 and SBC EN1401 are uppdated some misprints corrected in these documents which You can find under the title Documents/ Plastic pipes/ PVC pipes


INSTA-CERT SBC EN1329 uppdated Please fint the uppdated certification rules for PVC piping systems for soil and waste discharge within the building structure.

NPM – 15 years of assured quality
For already 15 years the quality and certification mark for plastic piping products, Nordic Poly Mark (NPM), has been used to ensure the applicability of such products for the Nordic climate. It is definitely worthwhile to demand the use of NPM marked products in piping system contracts right from planning onwards.

The need for a joint Nordic certification system with its own marking had been evident for years but it was not until at the beginning of the 21st century that it became possible. The key was the completion of the first EN product standards for plastic pipes at the change of the century.

A very fast development work towards a joint Nordic quality mark and product certification began. In 2003 the Nordic association of manufacturers, Nordiska Plaströrsgruppen (NPG), started discussions with certification bodies concerning the development of certification based on EN product standards. A Nordic group of certifiers, INSTA-CERT, was chosen as partner for this work and the development of this new Nordic certification procedure begun in spring 2004.

INSTA-CERT invited representatives from different water utility associations, manufacturers, testing bodies and building inspection authorities to participate in the drafting of joint instructions. The co-operation proved efficient as by December 2004 the first specific rules (SBC) had been created for four different product groups

The Nordic Poly Mark (NPM) was chosen as the certification mark for the procedure, resulting in it replacing currently existing, national Nordic certification marks. Due to the mark's fulfilment of the high Nordic quality expectations, the NPM rose to the position of the quality mark for plastics piping systems.

The Nordic Poly Mark (NPM) acts as proof of the fulfilment of an SBC's requirements. It also helps to prove the products' building site specific applicability.

The interest towards INSTA-CERT product certification has continuously increased. There are c. 180 valid licenses entitling the use of the mark, approximately 26 of them issued to manufacturers outside the Nordic countries.

INSTA-CERT product certification and the NPM quality mark for plastics piping systems are applicable for e.g. the following product groups: PP and PVC underground drainage and sewerage, water supply and drainage and sewerage under pressure, supply of gaseous fuels, rain water pipes, renovation pipes, inspection chambers, soil and waste discharge within the building structure, fittings and halogen free electric installation pipes.
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